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The Family Experience

Ya'll families are my heart. After all, that's where I am in life right now. I'm in the throws toys everywhere, "zoom zoom" with the spoon, constant wrestling matches, and midnight milk requests. And I know you are too - whether you have littles or bigs (or super bigs!) I love to capture the snapshots that capture your family story.


When I was growing up we always took pictures when we got together with family. And my grandmas was always in the middle. We adored my grandma. But in every picture she never looked at the camera. Never. It used to drive us crazy. But now when I look back, they are some of my favorite images. She is hugging a grandchild, smiling at her sweet children, or laughing with the rest of us. 

So while I love a few posed family pictures with everyone looking, it's fun after that.  We will throw the little one in the air, hold hands and go fro a stroll, tickle the most ticklish, tell jokes (lots of jokes) and give hugs (lots of hugs.)