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Telling your story...

I started my photography business in 2017 because I loved taking pictures of my own children. They have become those precious photographer children that "love" having their pictures taken. Although, they will appease me periodically. I've often felt called to families and telling their stories. Because, folks, I'm in the beautiful throws of it right now. But sometimes those families have babies - and so newborns are my love, too. And then, those babies turn into one-year-olds and need a cake smash. And then, eventually, those babies turn into seniors, go off to college and get married. So while I am a family photographer, my clients - more like friends - add to their story each year. And I'm here for it. So from your wedding day, to maternity to newborn and seniors, I love to tell the WHOLE story and not just one event.

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Jamie Anne Photography Services

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The heartbeat of Jamie Anne Photography. Whether it's capturing littles toddling around as mom and dad chase them - or - teenagers actually having *fun* spending time with their families, I love to tell authentic stories with fun and interactive prompts that bring out the best in everyone. Even dad will have fun, I promise.

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Whether it is your first or fifth child, this is one of my favorite times. The precious way dad glances at mom, the anticipation of new life, and the beautiful calm before the exciting chaos. I love to capture these beautiful images of mama + dad (AND kiddos!)

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Every newborn session is perfect and unique. I love this precious time that tells the story of new life, perfect little toes, and the cherished memories of the newborn stage.

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This is a treasured time for sure! After years of taking senior pictures, I've realized that it is a "coming of age" experience that is one-of-a-kind. Most seniors have never had pictures of just them. I love this and strive to make it a special experience honoring their accomplishment, celebrating their uniqueness, and just letting them let go and have fun!

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Where it all begins. Or the middle of it all. Either way, a precious day in the story of YOU. An incredible journey that I love to embark on. Click the link to find out more about the wedding experience with Jamie Anne Photography.

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